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Employment growth in rural areas

14 septembrie 2010

Project co-financed by European Social Fund through the the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013

"Invest in People!"

SOP HRD /74/5.2/A/47386

Priority Axis 5 "Promoting the active employment measures"

Key Area of Intervention 5.2 "Promoting long-term sustainability of rural areas in terms of human resource development and employment"
Romprest SERVICE COMPANY SA works continuously to develop and integrate all segments of the population in activities leading to advancement and knowledge, by providing jobs within the company. This approach is supported by the company's co-financing from the SOP HRD 2007 - 2013, according to the financing contract no. SOP HRD /74/5.2/A/47386 ratified on July 7, 2010 between MASOPHRD ( and Romprest Service Company SA.
The overall objective aimed at increasing employment in rural areas with long-term positive effect.

The project specific objectives are:
- Hiring of 800 disadvantaged and highly disadvantaged persons in rural areas;
- Better social integration of disadvantaged Individuals in rural areas;
- Employing the disadvantaged Romani people;
- Reducing unemployment rate;
- Improving the quality of life;
- The shift from a subsistence agriculture to an active life of employment.

Duration of the project: The project runs from September 2010 to August 2012.
Project value: Ron 17 million.
Romprest Service Company SA orientation towards rural meets promoting occupational and geographical mobility of the labor force in rural areas, thus benefiting of all existing employment opportunities in order to increase the regional cohesion, to improve the environment and health of the population in rural areas, with the aim of increasing motivation, readiness and opportunities to participate in the labor market, thus providing support for other family members. Due to lack of skill, this target group has no access to jobs in industry or services. This segment of the rural population lives in poor social economic conditions, with low educational and social inclusion.
By employing the 800 people unskilled in HRD from 2007 to 2013, Romprest aims to invest in personal, promoting the opportunities for social integration of disadvantaged people, especially the Romani people. In selecting participants the principle of equality will be respected, defeating the any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference, regardless of race, nationality, language, origin, social status, beliefs, sexual orientation, age, non-contagious chronic disease, AIDS infection.
Alina Vaduva
Human Resources Manager:
Romprest Service Company SA
Tel: +4 021 306 7000
Mail: alina.vaduva @


Romprest sustine Let's Do It Romania, si in 2011!

Let's Do It Romania!, campanie de curatenie generala la nivelul tarii, aflata la cea de-a doua editie in Romania, se doreste un succes la nivel national si in 2011. Comunitatea Let's Do It, World! a pornit de la iniţiativa Estoniei, ţara care a lansat in 2008 conceptul de curăţenie în toată ţara, într-o singură zi. După Estonia şi alte ţări au preluat ideea, iar acţiunea s-a transformat intr-o adevărată mişcare socială. Peste 1 350 000 participanţi au luat parte la proiect în întreaga lume până în prezent: • Estonia (2008): 50.000 de voluntari – ţara de origine • Letonia: 50 000 (2008), 110 000 (2009), 150 000 (2010) • Lituania: 6000 (2008) 100 000 (2009) 200 000 (2010) • Portugalia (2010): 110 000 de voluntari • Slovenia (2010): 275 000 de voluntari • România (2010): 200 000 de voluntari • New Delhi, India (2010): 50 000 de voluntari • Kerala, India (2010 [...]

Romprest caută colaboratori pentru deszăpezire 2017-2018

01 noiembrie 2017

Compania Romprest Service S.A. caută colaboratori care dispun de utilaje de deszăpezire în vederea închirierii pentru perioada de iarnă 2017-2018.

Pentru detalii, relații la telefon: 0756 05 34 72 - Vlad Ciocan sau pe adresa de e-mail:




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