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Romprest offered gifts to children at the Center for Minors Pinocchio

10 decembrie 2010

Every year on the eve of winter holidays Romprest Service Company comply with the tradition: it concentrates on the orphanages, children's homes, centers for minors, retirement homes for elderly, and so on. This is what happened now with the Centre for Minors Pinocchio, which has about 60 children, originating either from the street, orphans or with parents incapacitated to raise them. Some children from the center, which are aged between 6 and 18, have mild disabilities and there are also those for the auxiliary school.

Romprest Santa brought early to these children, who have prepared a winter celebration with dedication: the smallest recited poems on the theme of holidays, the adults competed in the interpretation of sketches - created by them, and all sang carols, so that each child has left its mark on all those moments of artistic realization. Applause from Romprest audience were impressive and the surprises prepared by Santa( brought by Romprest) aroused the most beautiful reactions of joy and the atmosphere of these holidays has gained shades that are meant to fill our souls with joy and happiness. "We are glad that we were able to bring some new light on the faces of these children. We were very impressed both by listening to their stories of life, and by their perseverance to fight every day for a better life. I was very impressed by their initiative in preparing some special moments dedicated to us, and especially by what I saw as a spectator", said Adriana Calcan, Marketing and Communication Manager at Romprest.

Definitely the winter holidays are the best holidays of the year, and as it is well known the tradition is to offer things, but what matters most is "to whom" and especially the joy of receiver.


Romprest sustine Let's Do It Romania, si in 2011!

Let's Do It Romania!, campanie de curatenie generala la nivelul tarii, aflata la cea de-a doua editie in Romania, se doreste un succes la nivel national si in 2011. Comunitatea Let's Do It, World! a pornit de la iniţiativa Estoniei, ţara care a lansat in 2008 conceptul de curăţenie în toată ţara, într-o singură zi. După Estonia şi alte ţări au preluat ideea, iar acţiunea s-a transformat intr-o adevărată mişcare socială. Peste 1 350 000 participanţi au luat parte la proiect în întreaga lume până în prezent: • Estonia (2008): 50.000 de voluntari – ţara de origine • Letonia: 50 000 (2008), 110 000 (2009), 150 000 (2010) • Lituania: 6000 (2008) 100 000 (2009) 200 000 (2010) • Portugalia (2010): 110 000 de voluntari • Slovenia (2010): 275 000 de voluntari • România (2010): 200 000 de voluntari • New Delhi, India (2010): 50 000 de voluntari • Kerala, India (2010 [...]

Romprest caută colaboratori pentru deszăpezire 2017-2018

01 noiembrie 2017

Compania Romprest Service S.A. caută colaboratori care dispun de utilaje de deszăpezire în vederea închirierii pentru perioada de iarnă 2017-2018.

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