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Romprest in the snow removal action - Road traffic runs smoothly on all main and secondary streets in District 1

24 ianuarie 2011

The road traffic runs under normal conditions of winter on the main avenues and side streets in District 1.
At this time, there are no traffic jams. Romprest representatives intervene with 44 snow removing machines and 230 workers to manually remove snow from intersections, RATB stops, tram refuges, entrances in subway stations, entries in medical units, in schools, from the roadside (until borders) in the areas of social importance and so on.
During last night, the Romprest Company machines collected over 100 snow dumps in the following areas: Piata Victoriei, Piata Romană, Piata Revolutiei, Bd. Ion Mihalache, Bd. Aviatorilor and so on. The snow is transported and stored in Chitila in pre / authorized areas.
The action of remouving and collecting snow on the main roads of District 1 will continue in the night of Monday to Tuesday from 22.00.
Romprest’s fast intervention equipments are ready to intervene in order to prevent the formation of frost because NMA announced that as of Monday, January 24, the weather will cool down and it will become frosty at night in the majority of regions, including the capital. Maximum temperatures will be between -9 and 1 degree and lows will range generally between -18 and -8 degrees.
To prevent the effects of frost, the company’s snow removing machines in Sector 1 will disperse anti-slip material both solid and liquid on all main and secondary roads.
In District 1there are 16 fixed points of early intervention equipped with machines that are ready to remove the snow from neighborhoods arteries they are assigned. Each fixed point corresponds to a number of main and secondary roads, which will meet each crew deployed in the field.

Fixed points are arranged in the following areas:
- Victoria Square - pastila Kiseleff - Aviatorilor;
- Universitate Square - Fountain;
- Romană Square - A.S.E.;
- Bd. Beijing - Pescăruş Parking;
- Berzei - Dinicu Golescu - Ştirbei Vodă;
- Gara de Nord Square - opposite to the columns;
- Iancu de Hunedoara - Victoria Passage entrance;
- Piaţa Presei Libere - ROMEXPO entrance;
- Bd. Ion Mihalache - Calea Griviţei - AGIP petrol station;
- Bd. Bucureştii Noi - Bd. Laminorului - OMV petrol station;
- Rd. Bucureşti-Târgovişte - MOL petrol station;
- Rd. Chitilei - PETROM/ LUKOIL petrol station;
- Rd. Pipera - PETROM petrol station;
- Str. Alex. Şerbănescu - Str. Nicolae Caranfil - AGIP petrol station;
- Rd. Bucureşti-Ploieşti - PETROM (Mioriţa) petrol station;
- Arcul de Triumf Square.

Background information:

According to the snow removal strategy in District 1 the snow is removed on main roads (circulated by transport vehicles) and on secondary roads where social objectives are located: schools, hospitals, kindergartens, police and fire headquarters.

In order to facilitate the snow removal operation, the local police - who have got order and public safety duties since last year - will assist the Intervention Teams. In case of more snowing, the Police will temporarily close the affected roads and they will prohibit the movement of vehicles at night to facilitate the snow removing machines intervention. Also, the illegally parked cars blocking the snow removal operation will be lifted.
Once it starts snowing, snow removal equipment will intervene simultaneously in the 11 neighborhoods in District 1: Băneasa, Bucureştii Noi - Chitila - Dămăroaia, Pajura, Gara de Nord - Nicolae Titulescu, Dorobanţi - Floreasca, Calea Griviţei, 1 Mai - Domenii, Aviatorilor, Aviaţiei, Zona Centrală, Străuleşti - Vatra Nouă.

The cold season begins on November 15, 2011 and it will end on 15 March 2012. Depending on weather conditions, the range can restrict or expand. During this period, Romprest, the snow removal service provider in District 1, ensures the permanence and applies the general snow removal strategy approved by the City Council of District 1.


Romprest sustine Let's Do It Romania, si in 2011!

Let's Do It Romania!, campanie de curatenie generala la nivelul tarii, aflata la cea de-a doua editie in Romania, se doreste un succes la nivel national si in 2011. Comunitatea Let's Do It, World! a pornit de la iniţiativa Estoniei, ţara care a lansat in 2008 conceptul de curăţenie în toată ţara, într-o singură zi. După Estonia şi alte ţări au preluat ideea, iar acţiunea s-a transformat intr-o adevărată mişcare socială. Peste 1 350 000 participanţi au luat parte la proiect în întreaga lume până în prezent: • Estonia (2008): 50.000 de voluntari – ţara de origine • Letonia: 50 000 (2008), 110 000 (2009), 150 000 (2010) • Lituania: 6000 (2008) 100 000 (2009) 200 000 (2010) • Portugalia (2010): 110 000 de voluntari • Slovenia (2010): 275 000 de voluntari • România (2010): 200 000 de voluntari • New Delhi, India (2010): 50 000 de voluntari • Kerala, India (2010 [...]

Romprest caută colaboratori pentru deszăpezire 2017-2018

01 noiembrie 2017

Compania Romprest Service S.A. caută colaboratori care dispun de utilaje de deszăpezire în vederea închirierii pentru perioada de iarnă 2017-2018.

Pentru detalii, relații la telefon: 0756 05 34 72 - Vlad Ciocan sau pe adresa de e-mail:




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