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Spring cleaning has started in District 1

16 martie 2012

The mayor of District 1, Andrei Chiliman, has started the spring cleaning campaign on Friday, March 16, 2012.

For a month, 24 hours a day, more than 70 machines and 600 workers of the Romprest Company, the waste management service provider in District 1, will wash and clean all the streets in this administrative area.

During March-April, the roads will be swept manually and mechanically, the gutters should be scrapped of soil excess and the trash cans and containers for selective waste collection from the public domain (receptacles and containers) will be cleaned automatically.

After the general cleaning, the Administration of Public Domain, District 1, will begin the redevelopment of the existing green spaces and repairing the playing equipment and damaged banks.
"Green spaces are an oasis of health for all. It's our duty to protect the environment and to keep the city clean. We need to take care of our health, our children and future generations", said the Mayor of District 1, Andrei Chiliman.

District 1 Citizens are asked to be actively involved in local government efforts by respecting their obligations, namely to maintain and clean the area that they own or rent, as well as their surroundings, to keep clean the sidewalks ,the carriageway, the street or the road, the front portion of their
households and the parking spaces they use.

In parallel, the free program for WEE waste collection continues, a program initiated by the City Hall, District 1 and Romprest, since the spring of 2008, held on the second Sunday of each month.




Romprest sustine Let's Do It Romania, si in 2011!

Let's Do It Romania!, campanie de curatenie generala la nivelul tarii, aflata la cea de-a doua editie in Romania, se doreste un succes la nivel national si in 2011. Comunitatea Let's Do It, World! a pornit de la iniţiativa Estoniei, ţara care a lansat in 2008 conceptul de curăţenie în toată ţara, într-o singură zi. După Estonia şi alte ţări au preluat ideea, iar acţiunea s-a transformat intr-o adevărată mişcare socială. Peste 1 350 000 participanţi au luat parte la proiect în întreaga lume până în prezent: • Estonia (2008): 50.000 de voluntari – ţara de origine • Letonia: 50 000 (2008), 110 000 (2009), 150 000 (2010) • Lituania: 6000 (2008) 100 000 (2009) 200 000 (2010) • Portugalia (2010): 110 000 de voluntari • Slovenia (2010): 275 000 de voluntari • România (2010): 200 000 de voluntari • New Delhi, India (2010): 50 000 de voluntari • Kerala, India (2010 [...]

Romprest caută colaboratori pentru deszăpezire 2017-2018

01 noiembrie 2017

Compania Romprest Service S.A. caută colaboratori care dispun de utilaje de deszăpezire în vederea închirierii pentru perioada de iarnă 2017-2018.

Pentru detalii, relații la telefon: 0756 05 34 72 - Vlad Ciocan sau pe adresa de e-mail:




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