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Sector 1: The first selective waste collection center, independent in terms of energy

11 februarie 2011

Bucharest, February 11, 2010

The residents of Sector 1 will benefit from the first collection center on 10 different waste streams, powered exclusively by alternative energy, Monday, February 14, 2011,
Nationwide premiere, the center of Şos. Odăi, no. 367 can offer the residents of Bucharest collection facilities to European standards. The ten waste streams (which is the raw material), which can be collected at EcoRampa are: paper, cardboard, plastic, white glass, colored glass, ferrous and nonferrous metals, tires, electrical waste, light bulbs and lamps, used batteries and textiles.

EcoRampa project was conducted in collaboration with the Environ Association, Sector 1 of Bucharest and Romprest Company and it aims to determine citizens and to adopt a socially responsible behavior by storing recyclable waste in a collection and processing center.
"Wastes, whatever their nature, are an environmental hazard. Left to chance on green spaces or in the street, they affect our health. Through EcoRampa project and by other environmental campaigns we have held over time, we are the first local government to implement a community-wide awareness program and a waste collection program. Caring for the environment begins in our home", said the Mayor of District 1, Andrei Chiliman.
"Romprest Service Company advocates and encourages all initiatives that have as a simple and unique common denominator - the „environmental protection". This happened in this case, too. Together with our partners, those with whom we have developed a series of campaigns which results speak for themselves and gave us the confidence that it was worth trying, we implemented this project (of environmental protection). People are more receptive to novelty and the challenge we have launched always manages to arouse their interest and to join us when it comes to initiatives that they too can be " our partners", said Adriana Calcan, Marketing and Communication Manager of Romprest.

The "EcoRampa" project is the first of its kind in the country and it is part of the national campaign "Banish the ghosts of old electronics." In this campaign, the residents of District 1, the institutions and the private companies have understood how important it is to have a clean city and to live in a healthy environment. They gave to the specialized firms, in a single month, more than 8 tons of WEEE.
Besides the campaign " Banish the ghosts of old electronics," the local administration of District 1 launched in March 2008 its own program of WEEE collection that takes place on the second Sunday of each month.
District 1 residents can give up on this occasion the useless appliances collected freely by Romprest and Environ Association for ecological treatment, recovery and recycling in accordance with EU environmental legislation.

"This is the first in a series of nation-wide projects aimed at creating a solid infrastructure for waste collection available to the public, to promote environmental obligations of our country. By the European directives, each of these waste streams is associated with annual targets to be achieved as a member of the Union. Failing to achieve those objectives entails penalties of hundreds of thousands of dollars per day, which ultimately are paid by all citizens. We want that the District 1 City Hall's example to be followed by both many municipalities and local councils, ranging from communities to municipalities", said, in his turn, Andrei Orban, President of Environ Association.
By the Treaty of Membership to the European Union, Romania has assumed a number of obligations regarding the waste management. According to the Law on Civil Service of the waste management, District 1 of Bucharest and Romprest, as local waste disposal provider, are required to meet environmental objectives set at EU level, especially to reduce the amount of waste to landfills by 35% by 2016. In this respect, the partnership with Environ Association aims to facilitate the collection targets for each of the 10 waste streams in order to protect the general health of the citizens of Bucharest.


Romprest sustine Let's Do It Romania, si in 2011!

Let's Do It Romania!, campanie de curatenie generala la nivelul tarii, aflata la cea de-a doua editie in Romania, se doreste un succes la nivel national si in 2011. Comunitatea Let's Do It, World! a pornit de la iniţiativa Estoniei, ţara care a lansat in 2008 conceptul de curăţenie în toată ţara, într-o singură zi. După Estonia şi alte ţări au preluat ideea, iar acţiunea s-a transformat intr-o adevărată mişcare socială. Peste 1 350 000 participanţi au luat parte la proiect în întreaga lume până în prezent: • Estonia (2008): 50.000 de voluntari – ţara de origine • Letonia: 50 000 (2008), 110 000 (2009), 150 000 (2010) • Lituania: 6000 (2008) 100 000 (2009) 200 000 (2010) • Portugalia (2010): 110 000 de voluntari • Slovenia (2010): 275 000 de voluntari • România (2010): 200 000 de voluntari • New Delhi, India (2010): 50 000 de voluntari • Kerala, India (2010 [...]

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