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"Investing in development!"

A source of progressive investment.

In the development segment
We believe in progress – the reason why we have invested in expanding our operational field and, implicitly, in enlarging the service package offered to customers and partners.

In professionalism
We employ numerous experts to manage and handle over 600 machines specific to ongoing operations. We accentuate achievement and quality; our management approach is to meet all our client's demands.

In state-of-the-art technology
In time we have invested over 35 million Euros in our car fleet. With these investments in high-tech endowments, we have managed to build a strong business and maintain our strategic advantages which we strictly impose upon ourselves. Our company’s fleet, consisting of large, medium and small machinery form an impressive car park.

For nature
We aim at the welfare of future generations and therefore we commit to protecting the environment. This is reflected in our approach to and execution of tasks.
We maximize resource value while minimizing the impact on environment. Thus, we adapt our practices to the latest European environmental regulations. We ensure that the entire range of consumables used in the process flow is 100% ecological and we renew the car fleet on an annual basis.
We have invested in special containers for the selective waste collection process: we have chosen strategic locations in public areas for differentiated waste collection containers. We have provided all educational institutions and distributed to habitat owners associations free bin liners for selective waste disposal in areas where we operate.

In saving time
We have developed our own operations base to supply the company with in-house services.

1. We work in a professional environment. We know that long-term success is based on a strong standing and diversified workforce. Inside the operations base we adequately endowed offices for us to work in a healthy environment.

2. Efficient functioning of the company consists in proper management: we have built our own generous warehouses to host materials and products used in cleaning operations and have developed stocks of anti-skid materials, waste receptacles and container bins, work tools, spare parts for vehicles and so on.

3. On the operations base, we have a garage and a parking lot where special work vehicles are prepared for varied operations – 24 hours a day. All our machinery is compliant with Euro5 emission standards.

4. We have our own car wash and a decontamination station (for vehicles and waste receptacles). The waterworks run with recirculated water, and the wastewater is collected in the septic tank on-site, in compliance with permits we hold.

5. We constantly service our equipment with periodical check-ups, maintenance and repairs, performed in varied sections of our own workshop.

6. We ensure water supplies for waste management operations at the operations base (by pre-treatment of wastewater which we empty with our own resources- vacuum trucks).


Romprest staff

Human resources represent our company. People are an active resource of the organization since their potential, experience, initiative and development actively contribute to increasing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Employees have the ability to considerably amplify the effects of other resources. Our main objectives in the Human Resources Department are: - Establishing a safe environment for employees; - Creating prospects for promotion and professional growth; - Free access to training through both in-house and external professional training and professional reorientation training courses based on the Professional development plan. At a company level we apply a concept which is mandatory in today's economic context: performance management at strategic level. We believe organisational and operational efficiency needs a HR policy based on care for employees, working conditions and environment. We work as a team. We have a professional practical and loyal [...]

Organizational segments


COMPANIA ROMPREST SERVICE SA aduce la cunostința colaboratorilor și clienților săi că Divizia Salubritate si Biroul Vanzari (contractare) isi desfasoara activitatea in sediul din Bdul. Poligrafiei nr.1C, sector 1, Bucuresti (Cladirea Ana Holding, acces prin parcarea hotelului Crowne Plaza).

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Call Center: 021 9460
B-dul Poligrafiei, nr. 1C, et. 3, sector 1, Bucuresti
CIF: RO 13788556

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