Concern for everything around you

Environmental protection and social responsibility

"We operate responsibly!"

We protect nature
Through our general management policy, Romprest promotes the concept of durable development at all organizational and community levels. We want to protect the environment and to operate accordingly.

Eco-smart objectives
We achieve our objectives by excellent collaboration with local public authorities, research laboratories, coordination and control authorities or certification bodies.
• we preserve, protect and improve environmental quality;
• we protect human health;
• we prudently and rationally use natural resources;
• we promote durable environment development.

How do we act?
In order to achieve a rational resource management leading to environment improvement, we adopt an intelligent, integrated and coordinated approach of our development plan. We ensure that the target of our company is consistent with the need to protect the environment for the benefit of the community.

- We continually invest in state-of-the-art equipment in terms of operational and consumption requirements (EURO 4 and EURO 5).
- Staff responsible with cleaning operations check-up in urban areas use bicycles.
- We support, initiate and develop projects of awareness, education and advocacy on specific environment protection issues: waste reduction, selective waste collection, rational use of resources, waste recycling and recovery.
- We provide ongoing training and improvement, in-house and externally, at all organizational levels.
- We use special ecological solutions in our mechanised street washing programmes. In winter, we use anti-skid material treated with a corrosion inhibitor to reduce salt consumption and thus reducing the impact on environment.
- We clear frost from roads, motorways, parking lots and sidewalks applying non-corrosive, biodegradable anti-skid material, which we produce in our own modern installation.
- We significantly contribute to public health and environment protection through specific operations of manual and mechanical sweeping, emptying street waste bins, road washing, gutter scraping in accordance with the integrated management programmes for air quality and atmosphere protection.

We periodically clean containers located on public property in order to maintain hygiene and aesthetics. Street pre-collection containers are washed and disinfected in special machinery equipped with waste water drains.
We use the most revolutionary ecological products in snow ploughing, defrosting and anti-ice operations.


COMPANIA ROMPREST SERVICE SA aduce la cunostința colaboratorilor și clienților săi că Divizia Salubritate si Biroul Vanzari (contractare) isi desfasoara activitatea in sediul din Bdul. Poligrafiei nr.1C, sector 1, Bucuresti (Cladirea Ana Holding, acces prin parcarea hotelului Crowne Plaza).

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Call Center: 021 9460
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Certificări ROMPREST

ISO 9001:2015  •  ISO 14001:2015  •  ISO/IEC 27001:2018  •  ISO 45001:2018

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