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Facility Management Division

"Complete solutions for complete business!"

Facility Management Division

Our vision captures the essence of what we do!
Therefore, our company offers the benefits of a full cleaning service!
This department offers tailored solutions for any cleaning requirement, using technologies adapted to any situation.
1. Interior and exterior, daily and general cleaning for institutions, public, residential and logistic spaces, shopping centres, hospitals, public transportation means, military bases.
Exterior programmes offer washing / cleaning of facades, windows at high altitudes; in the latter case, we use professional powered access climbers.
2. Industrial cleaning such as cleaning after constructions and other specialised works in varied specialised sites: oil tankers, tanks, reservoirs, passenger cars, commercial spaces, industrial complexes, production halls, stadiums and slaughterhouses.
3. Occasional or emergency cleaning with mobile teams of well-trained cleaning workers fully equipped.
4. Tailored solutions for any type of cleaning.

We take care of your regular routes!
We provide infrastructure maintenance (streets, motorways and parks)!
1. Construction, maintenance and cleaning works on road, motorways and parking areas infrastructure, with specialised equipment.
2. Regular maintenance of roads and pavements, vegetation removal from joints, maintenance / replacement of curb profiles.
3. Building maintenance.
4. Infrastructure maintenance: motorways, streets, public roads.
5. Endowment with, emptying and maintenance of waste bins.
6. Set-up and maintenance of noticeboards, traffic signs, and concrete or metal ramparts.
7. Road marking on national roads.
8. Maintenance of the road network for rainwater collection.

We value your comfort!
We provide property management!
1. Activities that ensure optimal operation of building systems: administration, partitioning, safety of operation, comfort increase, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC);
2. Maintenance and repair works, such as: carpentry, flooring, whitewash and painting, partitioning, skylights, lattice works, varied demolition waste removal;
3. Mounting and cleaning construction works: window mounting and repair, masonry, plastering, welding, turnery, gypsum works and cladding;
4.Advice throughout the rental process and ensuring future management of the relationship with the contractor.

We know where, how and when to step in!
We can offer assistance under any circumstances!
1. We have teams ready for intervention in case of emergency or other unforeseen circumstances;
2. Our Call Center is at your disposal to remedy all occurring faults, monitor technical systems, coordinate actions for easement of rapid interventions or manage contractor requests.

We work for a greener future!
And we adapt our services to climate changes!
Green Building is a service we use to offer process generating solutions, involving environmental responsibility and efficient rational exploitation. For a more pleasant building ambiance, our customers can benefit from: healthier spaces, better building aesthetics, biodegradable materials and reduced costs, but also a decrease in environmental pollution or decay.

Waste Management

We care about the environment you work or live in We know how important it is to have it clean and healthy. Municipal waste management services 1. Collection, transportation and selection of municipal waste from population, public institutions, trade and industry, to be removed for value recovery or storage. 2. Construction and demolition waste collection and transportation to remove for value recovery or storage. 3. Collection and ADR transportation of hazardous waste for removal /co-incineration by specialized licensed companies. 4. Full-services of renting and emptying ecological mobile toilets (transportation, location, emptying, cleaning). 5. Recyclable waste collection and transportation for value recovery: paper, cardboard, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, glass containers, electric and electronic equipment. 6. Selling or renting pre-collection receptacles for municipal and assimilable waste. We are present in your city We act 24 hours a day [...]

Landscape Architecture Division

Landscape architecture is the art of organising nature, aesthetically building or combining natural elements (vegetation, water, soil, rocks) with artificial ones (buildings, traffic routes, decorative and functional items, outdoor furniture, lighting, decorative vases, endowments) in a perfect harmony in order to create new or to protect, preserve and expand existing green spaces; all this in a unitary concept balanced with the existing building and annexes. We value nature. Our Landscape Division of landscape specialists, endowed with professional equipment, can plan, execute and maintain any type of green space. Original and creative services offered for customizing green spaces: Design, remodelling and execution of green spaces. 1. Advice for green space arrangements; 2. Design and execution of gardens, parks and green spaces; 3. Planting (trees, shrubs, hedges, fruit trees, perennial and annual plants); 4. Lawn by seeding or assembling turf [...]

Deratization, Disinfection, Disinsectization

We support your investments • We offer full services based on modern technological programmes, which are economic, efficient and durable; • With tailored and differentiated treatments, depending on the level and nature of pest attack, applied in any area, surface or space (indoors and outdoors); We are always ready to solve any problem • Indoor disinsection- using techniques and materials toxicologically classified or not by GD 956/2005 (Law on biocides). In compliance with European standards, we choose rationally and use only substances approved by the National Commission of Biocidal Products, functioning within the Ministry of Health, based on law HG 95612005 9818/CE, those substances which do not affect the environment or human health. • Disinsection (including larvae control) of peridomestic exterior green spaces - with dedicated dispersion equipment. The PEST CONTROL operation system provides: • Reducing quantities of pesticides used per [...]


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